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Matte Painter | Texture Artist | Concept Artist


I am Pino Gengo, I am a Matte Painter, Texture Artist and Concept Artist based in Rome working in film, commercials, video games and a variety of other media.

Currently I am mainly doing Matte Paintings, I have experience working in-house for videogame companies, I worked for Crytek for more than 10 years on games such as Far Cry and Crysis as a Texture Artist. At the moment I am also working as a remote freelance artist for clients located all over the world.
I am constantly developing my personal Art work and I have exhibited in various events and in different countries. Check out my resume for more details and my work experience.



• Excellent eye for composition, creative view, light, colour, etc
• Proficiency in Texturing, Shading, Lighting
• Proficiency in photomanipulation
• Proficiency in pre visualization
• Proficiency in drawing and painting
• Strong knowledge of Photoshop
• Strong knowledge of Corel Painter
• Good knowledge of 3D packages